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Ultimate Hospital Bed and Premium Series Low Air Loss Mattress Combo


Wound Care Mattress

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Introducing the Wound Care Mattress Combo System - Revolutionizing Patient Care

AllCare High Low Electric Hospital Bed: Safety, Comfort, and Versatility

Our Hospital Bed is designed with the utmost commitment to patient safety, comfort, and versatility. Experience the exceptional features and benefits it brings to the table:

Deck Height: Optimal Accessibility for Patients and Caregivers

  • Low Position Deck Height: With a minimal deck height of just 3.6 inches, patients can easily access and exit the bed. This feature promotes independence and reduces the risk of injuries.

  • High Position Deck Height: When raised to the high position, the deck height reaches 25 inches, providing caregivers with comfortable working conditions. This height adjustment allows for easy patient care and transfers.

Sleeping Surface: Customized Comfort for Every Patient

  • Spacious Sleeping Surface: Our Hospital Bed offers a variety of width options, including 35", 39", or 42", accommodating different patient needs. Additionally, optional lengths of 80" or 84" are available, ensuring personalized comfort.

  • Tailored Comfort: Whether your patients require extra room or a more compact sleep surface, our bed's customization options guarantee their utmost comfort and quality rest.

Maximum Safe Working Load: Unwavering Support for Patients of All Sizes

  • Robust Weight Capacity: Safety is paramount, and our bed delivers. With a weight capacity of 600 lbs, it provides unwavering support and security to patients with higher weight requirements. Our bed ensures that all patients receive the care they deserve.

Optional Accessories: Enhance Patient Care and Convenience

Tailor the bed to meet specific patient and facility needs with our wide range of optional accessories. These accessories enhance patient care, convenience, and overall satisfaction:

  • NightLight: Provide a soothing environment during nighttime care routines.

  • Scale: Easily measure patients' weight, ensuring accurate monitoring and assessment.

  • Trapeze: Assist patients with movement and transfers, promoting their independence.

  • Rails: Ensure patient safety and prevent falls during sleep or while being repositioned.

  • Battery Backup: Maintain uninterrupted care in the event of a power outage.

  • Safety Mat: Minimize the risk of falls and injuries with a specially designed mat.

  • Bed Extender: Accommodate taller patients comfortably.

  • Staff Controls: Simplify bed adjustments for caregivers and increase efficiency.

The AllCare High Low Electric Hospital Bed caters to various care requirements, providing an inclusive and exceptional patient experience:

  • 🏥 Falls Risk: Minimize falls risks with our floor-level height and additional safety features such as safety mats and falls alarm system.

  • 🏥 Bariatric Dignity: Promote dignity and inclusivity by offering the same exceptional equipment to bariatric residents.

  • 🏥 Custodial Care: Manage the unique needs of custodial residents with expanded width and increased height for enhanced comfort and convenience.

  • 🏥 Short-Term Rehab: Advanced positioning features and optional scale enable efficient and accurate management of short-term rehab patients.

Experience the AllCare High Low Electric Hospital Bed and revolutionize patient care in your facility. Unlock the full potential of our innovative bed today by contacting us.

Premium Series Low Air Loss Hospital Mattress - The Serene Elite: Enhancing Patient Comfort and Preventing Pressure Injuries

Our Premium Mattress, the Serene Elite, is specifically designed to enhance patient comfort and prevent pressure injuries. Dive into its exceptional features and benefits:

Therapy Modes: Advanced Comfort and Pressure Redistribution

  • Max Firm Mode: Ideal for nursing procedures, providing firm support for medical interventions.

  • Alternating Mode: Adjustable cycle times ensure even pressure redistribution, reducing the risk of pressure injuries.

  • Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) Mode: Offers optimal comfort by maintaining consistent low pressure across the entire mattress surface.

  • Seat Inflation Mode with Alternating/CLP: Increases protection in a sitting position, particularly for patients who spend extended periods in chairs.

Nylon/TPU Bladder: Maximum Comfort and Support

  • Soft and Lightweight Material: Each of the 20 air cells, measuring 8", is constructed with a soft and lightweight Nylon/TPU material. This material combination enhances patient comfort and minimizes skin irritation.

  • Pressure Support and Ventilation: The mattress design includes bottom cells that provide basic pressure support, preventing bottoming out during power failure. Ventilated cells from 3 to 11 wick away moisture and heat, ensuring a cool and dry sleeping environment.

Simple, Quiet & Comfortable: Easy Setup and Optimal Comfort

  • Intuitive Digital Pump: The Serene Elite mattress comes with an intuitive digital pump that allows for easy setup and daily usage. Experience hassle-free functionality with the touch of a button.

  • Exceptional Cover: The Nylon/PU Cover offers exceptional comfort, vapor permeability, water resistance, and basic flame retardant properties. It ensures a hygienic and comfortable sleep environment for patients.

Safety and Durability: Prioritizing Patient Safety

  • Audible and Visual Alarms: The mattress features audible and visual alarms for low pressure, power failure, and technical issues. These alerts ensure timely and appropriate responses, promoting patient safety.

  • CPR Strap: In case of emergencies, the mattress is equipped with a CPR strap for quick and efficient deflation. This feature enables prompt medical interventions when every second counts.

  • Powerful Pump: The powerful pump ensures high-volume airflow, maintaining optimal pressure redistribution and maximum patient comfort.

The Serene Elite mattress dimensions are 78" L x your choice of 36"/42"/48" W x 80" H. It has a weight capacity of 950 lbs and a pressure range of 15-40 mmHg, catering to the needs of various patients.

Upgrade Your Patient Care with the Wound Care Mattress Combo System

Transform your healthcare setting with the ultimate solution for hospitals, healthcare facilities, and homes seeking a seamless and comprehensive patient care experience. Our Wound Care Mattress Combo System includes the AllCare High Low Electric Hospital Bed and the Serene Elite Mattress. Enjoy the convenience of our professional delivery service or opt for complete bed setup for an additional $500.

Unlock the possibilities of our exciting Combo System today and provide the utmost care and comfort to your patients. Contact us now to create exceptional patient outcomes through our innovative bed and mattress combination.


Hospital Bed -

ULTIMATE ALL IN ONE Electric High/Low Electric Hospital Bed with Remote - Adjustable Height from 3.6" to 25" | Adjustable Width of 36-42"

- Includes End Boards (Set of 2)

- Side Rail Set (1/4 Length / 2 Position)

- Additional Options Available 

Mattress -

Premium Series Low Air Loss Hospital Mattress

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