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1.  Pro-care Turn Bilateral Turning Mattress with Stretch Cover - 36" Width - 350lb Limit  (Installation & Operation)


Turn Installation and Operation Guide - Click Here

Operation Video - Click Here

**Disclaimer- Always Consult with your Physician and Wound care Team**

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Q&A on lateral Turning Modes

1. So, if the Lateral rotation is selected, will it continue until stopped?

Once turning function is selected, it will continue to operate unit user choose other functions.

2. If you select the alternation, CLP or seat inflate, with the lateral turning continue or stop? 

Once each function is selected, the turning functionality will stop.

3. Can alternating pressure mode be used with Lateral Turning?

The dwell time need to set for 20 mins in able to have the alternating mode to start and the LAL will function at all time. CLP will not work with turning mode.

 2. Rhythm Turn Lateral Rotation with Low Air Loss Mattress - 36" 42" 48" Widths- 500lb Limit (Overview of Operation) 

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2. Serene True Low Airloss and Alternating Pressure Mattress with Stretch Cover - 36"42" 48" widths | 440lb-990lb Weight Limit (Overview of Operation) 

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4. Alternating Pressure with Micro Low Air Loss Mattress with Stretch Cover - 36" Width, 500lb Limit (Overview of Operation)