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Best Low AIr Loss Mattresses for Bed Sores and Ulcers

Best Low Air Loss Mattresses

The quality of sleep captured in everyday life is extremely influential on health and overall performance quality. Here, the bed where sleep is taken and thus the choice of the mattress plays a significant role. Hence, we present you with the guide to the best low air loss mattresses.

The Importance of Good Sleep

We often neglect the necessity of a good night's sleep. However, it should be remembered that quality sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. Inadequate sleep can lead to severe health issues like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even depression.

What is a Low Air Loss Mattress?

A low air loss mattress is designed to distribute pressure evenly across the body surface and maintain a dry, therapeutic environment for ultimate comfort. These mattresses are especially useful for people who spend most of their time in bed and are prone to pressure ulcers.

How do Low Air Loss Mattresses Work?

Low air loss mattresses work by using small holes in the air cells that constantly allow air to escape, reducing the moisture and heat against the skin. It aids in the healing process of existing wounds and prevents the formation of new ones.

The Benefits of a Low Air Loss Mattress

Apart from providing pressure redistribution, these mattresses also provide a controlled air flow which keeps the skin cool and dry. They are perfect for those with delicate skin as it reduces chances of skin breakage and rashes.

Features to Consider When Buying a Low Air Loss Mattress


Comfort plays a crucial role. The best mattress should provide excellent support and balance to the body.


The mattress should have adjustable controls to adjust the comfort level according to one's needs.


A good mattress should withstand prolonged usage without wearing out or losing its functionality.


Price should match the features and quality of the mattress.

Best Low Air Loss Mattresses

Wound Care Mattress

Elite Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress for Bed Sores - 36" 42" 48" width

Best Selling customizable low air loss and alternating pressure mattress with high satisfaction ratings. 

Top Value - Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure Mattress for Bed Sores and Prevention - 36 Inch Width / 500 Pound Limit

Both low air loss and alternating pressure offers superior patient comfort.

Lateral Rotation Mattress | Lateral Turning, Low Air Loss, and Alternating Pressure Mattress - 36 Inch Width / 350 Pound Limit

Features low air loss, alternating pressure, and side to side lateral rotation for immobile patients to enhance circulation and easy of use for caregivers. 

Drive Medical Med Aire

It offers an 8-level pressure control system and 4 cycle time selections.

Proactive Medical Protekt Aire

This mattress has a high-density foam base that offers superior patient comfort.

Use of Low Air Loss Mattresses in Healthcare Settings

Low air loss mattresses are frequently preferred in healthcare facilities due to their decipherable benefits over the traditional matress.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Low Air Loss Mattresses

Clean them regularly with a mild disinfectant, keep them away from sharp objects, and ensure to keep the pump in an upright position.


Investing in a low air loss mattress is an excellent choice for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Consider your individual needs or consult with a healthcare professional for the most suitable option.


Q1: Who needs a low air loss mattress?

People confined to bed due to a long-term illness or post-surgery often need these mattresses.

Q2: Are low air loss mattresses noisy?

The best brands produce minimal noise that won't disturb sleep.

Q3: Where can I buy a low air loss mattress?

You can purchase them online or from medical equipment stores.

Q4: Is special bedding required for these mattresses?

No, regular sheets and blankets work fine with these mattresses.

Q5: Can I use a low air loss mattress at home?

Absolutely, they are as suitable for home use as they are for healthcare settings.

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