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Ultimate Hospital Bed with Pro Series Low Air Loss Mattress


Wound Care Mattress

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New Product Summary/Description: AllCare Low Hospital Bed with Micro-Low Air Loss Mattress

Introducing the AllCare Low Hospital Bed - The Ultimate Solution for Safety, Comfort, and Versatility!

Are you tired of having to compromise between beds that expand in width and beds that lower to the ground? With the AllCare Low Hospital Bed, you no longer have to make that choice. Our innovative bed does it all, increasing the potential for use and ensuring every patient is safe and comfortable.

Deck Height

This bed offers exceptional flexibility with a low position deck height of just 3.6 inches, providing easy access for patients. In the high position, the deck height reaches 25 inches, allowing caregivers to work comfortably while attending to patients.

Sleeping Surface

The AllCare Low Hospital Bed provides a spacious sleeping surface to accommodate different patient needs. Choose from sizes of 35", 39", or 42" in width and 80" or 84" in length (optional), offering customized comfort for a variety of patients.

Maximum Safe Working Load

With a robust weight capacity of 600 lbs, our bed ensures the safety and security of patients, even those with higher weight requirements.

Optional Accessories

Tailor the bed to meet specific patient and facility needs with our wide range of optional accessories. Enhance patient care and convenience with accessories like the NightLight, Scale, Trapeze, 2 or 4 rails, Battery Backup, Safety (falls) Mat, 4" Bed Extender, and Staff Controls.

AllCare Low Hospital Bed - Care Tailored to Specific Requirements

Now, let's explore how the AllCare Low Hospital Bed caters to specific care requirements:

Falls Risk

Our bed is designed to minimize falls risks. With its floor level height and the option of a safety mat, caregivers can effectively manage high-risk resident falls. Additionally, an advanced falls alarm system provides an extra layer of safety.

Bariatric Dignity

We believe in equal access to quality care. The AllCare Low Hospital Bed ensures that bariatric residents receive the same equipment used throughout your facility, promoting dignity and inclusivity.

Custodial Care

Managing the needs of custodial residents becomes more manageable with the AllCare Low Hospital Bed. Its expandable width and increased height of up to 30 inches provide enhanced comfort and convenience, catering to the unique requirements of custodial care.

Short-Term Rehab

Our bed is equipped with advanced positioning features, including a Cardiac Chair, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg positions. These features, coupled with the optional scale, allow caregivers to effectively manage higher acuity residents during short-term rehab.

Advanced Micro-Low Air Loss Mattress System - Optimal Support and Pressure Relief

Introducing our extremely popular top-rated micro-low air loss mattress system designed to promote skin health and prevent/treat pressure ulcers of stage I-IV. With 18 8” combined air cells (4.5” therapy + 3.5” static air), this mattress ensures support even during power loss. The Cell on Cell Design bottom layer of air cells stays inflated in a power outage.


Our advanced 3-1 alternation feature, powered by the Salute RDX pump, provides active pressure relief by alternating inflation and deflation of cells. For every three cells, one cell deflates, off-loading pressure on the body, ensuring optimal support at all times.


In addition, this mattress offers eight electronic comfort settings for both alternation and static modes, quiet pressure redistribution, and a mesh center strip to keep cells together and prevent slipping.

Please note that delivery is available with the option of complete bed setup at an additional cost. Contact our team for more details.

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