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Ultimate Hospital Bed with Professional Care Lateral Turning Air Loss Mattress Complete System


Wound Care Mattress

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Lateral Rotation Turning Mattresses and Bed

Complete Combo System - The Ultimate Solution for Patient Care

Enhance comfort, safety, and versatility with our Complete Combo System. This all-in-one package includes our top-of-the-line hospital bed and the highly acclaimed Professional Care Bi-lateral Rotation, Low Air Loss, and Alternating Pressure Mattress. With this complete kit, you can provide your patients with the utmost care they deserve.

  • ULTIMATE ALL IN ONE Electric High/Low Electric Hospital Bed with Remote

  • Adjustable Height from 3.6" to 25" | Adjustable Width of 36-42"

  • End Boards (Set of 2) and Side Rail Set (1/4 Length / 2 Position)

  • Additional Options Available

Professional Care Bi-lateral Rotation, Low Air Loss, and Alternating Pressure Mattress

Experience the top-of-the-line solution for bedridden patients with our Professional Care Bi-lateral Rotation, Low Air Loss, and Alternating Pressure Mattress. Designed with both patient comfort and caregiver ease in mind, this mattress is highly regarded for its advanced features and superior performance.

  • Lateral turning, low air loss, and alternating pressure functions

  • Reduces pressure points, promotes circulation, and minimizes complications

  • Approved for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers up to stage 4

  • Offers a 3-in-1 therapy solution tailored to individual healthcare plans

  • Patient side bolsters for fall prevention and arm support during turning therapy

  • Heel relief function for zero pressure on vulnerable heels

  • Seat inflation for added support in the sacral area during sitting positions

AllCare Low Hospital Bed - Safety, Comfort, and Versatility

Upgrade your healthcare facility with the AllCare Low Hospital Bed, the ultimate solution for safety, comfort, and versatility. This innovative bed offers exceptional features and flexibility to ensure every patient is provided with optimal care.

  • Deck Height: From low position (3.6 inches) for easy patient access to high position (25 inches) for comfortable caregiver working conditions

  • Sleeping Surface: Choose from various sizes to accommodate different patient needs

  • Maximum Safe Working Load: Robust weight capacity of 600 lbs ensures patient safety and security

  • Optional Accessories: Customize the bed with a wide range of accessories for enhanced patient care and convenience

  • Falls Risk: Minimizes falls risks with floor level height and optional safety mat, and advanced falls alarm system for extra safety

  • Bariatric Dignity: Ensures equal access to quality care for bariatric residents, promoting dignity and inclusivity

  • Custodial Care: Meets the unique requirements of custodial care with expandable width and increased height for enhanced comfort

  • Short-Term Rehab: Equipped with advanced positioning features, allowing effective management of higher acuity residents during short-term rehab


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