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NON POWERED - Foam Pressure Relief Mattress | Dynamic Dispersion | Treats Ulcers and Bed Sores - No Pump - 36", 42", 48" Widths - 300 Pound Limit


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"Great company to work with. They really do care and stand by their products."

"Simple and easy to order. Great deal on top quality mattress"

"I have had about 3 mattresses before that did not help This is the last one I will need. It is very effective."

"I appreciate the super fast shipping and easy set up video"

"Called and asked representative questions. They recommended the perfect product."

"We purchase all our mattresses from Wound Care Mattress and are very happy with the products and service."

"The auto sensing feature makes theis product second to none in terms of quality."

"Had a fantastic experience with this company and my mom has had better sleep and less sores than she has had in years."

"I do not normally write reviews but let just say the service and quality are worth commenting on. Glad I spend the extra money to get something of top quality."

Non-powered Pressure Relief Foam Air Mattress

Why Choose Dynamic Dispersion Foam?

  • Seamless Adaptation to Your Body: Wake up feeling refreshed, thanks to the mattress's ability to conform perfectly to your body shape, providing unparalleled support all night long.

  • Stay Cool and Comfortable: Enhanced airflow technology prevents those uncomfortable hot nights, keeping you cool and comfortable until morning.

  • Hypoallergenic for Peaceful Sleep: Ideal for allergy sufferers, the mattress wards off dust mites, mold, and bacteria, ensuring a clean, healthy sleep environment.

Durability Meets Innovation

  • Built to Last: Rely on our air support system designed for enduring comfort, without the worry of sagging or sinking over time.

  • A Worthy Investment: Trust in a product designed for longevity, promising consistent support and comfort, night after night.

Healing and Comfort Combined

  • Relief for Pressure Sores: Offering significant relief for those experiencing pressure sores, this mattress is a therapeutic solution promoting improved circulation and faster tissue regeneration.

  • Adaptable to Every Body Type: With a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. (136 kg), our mattress ensures personal comfort and support, irrespective of your size.

Safe and Clean Sleep Environment

  • Antimicrobial and Fluid-Resistant Cover: Our top stretch cover not only prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms but is also easy to keep clean, offering both safety and hygiene.

  • Designed for Your Peace of Mind: Enjoy added safety features, including optimal airflow for enhanced comfort and flame resistance for peace of mind while you sleep.

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Alternating Pressure Mattress
Dynamic Dispersion Foam Mattress

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