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Optima Auto Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress System - 36" Width / 500 Pound Limit - Optional Built in Battery Backup



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Optima Auto Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Description

Experience unparalleled comfort and advanced care with the Optima Auto Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress, designed for those at high to very high risk of pressure injuries. Its cutting-edge technology and thoughtful features ensure patients receive the best in care while providing caregivers ease and efficiency in management. Discover the revolutionary care solution now.

Tailored Comfort for Every Patient

  • Personalized Pressure Management: Automatically adjusts to distribute pressure evenly according to the patient's weight, enhancing comfort and reducing injury risk.

  • Continuous Support with Optional Battery: Offers up to 6 hours of operation in events like power outages, ensuring uninterrupted care.

  • Quiet Operation: The noise-sensitive pump maintains a restful environment, aiding in patient recovery and relieving caregiver stress.

Innovative Design for Superior Care

  • Reinforced Support in Critical Areas: Features structurally enhanced air cells in the sacrum region for better support during sitting and bed movements.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a visual interface and LCD display for straightforward adjustments and monitoring, simplifying complex care procedures.

Enhanced Caregiver Efficiency

  • Simplifying Care Tasks: By automating pressure relief and skin temperature control, this mattress allows caregivers to focus more on personal patient interaction.

  • Minimizing Complication Risks: Effective prevention and management of pressure injuries can significantly decrease the likelihood of further complications, reducing hospital stay duration and costs.


    Mattress Dimension

    80"L x 36"W x 8"H

    2000 x 900 x 203 mm

    Mattress Weight

    15.2 lb

    6.9 kg

    Maximum Patient Weight

    551 lb

    250 kg

    Mattress Only - Bed Not Included

    Pump's auto-detection and initiation simplify caregivers' workflow in quickly providing optimal pressure relief care.

    The sacrum area automatically inflates to optimal firmness once the head section of the mattress rises above 30°.

    Continuous pressure relief care during transport ensures uninterrupted therapy outcomes and patient comfort.

     Caregivers can consistently deliver care and comfort with an intuitive pump interface and low noise levels.



    2-year guarantee on mattress and pump.

    1-year cover

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