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Low Air Flow Alternating Pressure Relief Bedsore Mattress - 36 Inch Width / 350 Pound Limit


Wound Care Mattress

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(Mattress Only - Bed not included)

Introducing our High-Quality Alternating Pressure Mattresses: Experience Unmatched Comfort and Relief

Alleviate Pressure Sores and Promote Recovery

  • Expertly designed to alleviate pressure points and prevent bed sores

  • 16 air chambers alternately inflate and deflate, promoting circulation and redistributing weight

  • Customizable pressure settings for personalized comfort and support

  • Ultra-quiet compressor ensures a peaceful and restful sleep

  • Removable waterproof cover for easy cleaning and maintenance

A Solution for Enhanced Comfort and Well-being

  • Ideal for those who are confined to a bed for an extended period of time

  • Provides constant relief and minimizes the need for manual repositioning

  • Supports individuals up to 350 pounds with its 8-inch design for optimal ulcer relief

  • Breathable cover allows heat to dissipate, ensuring optimal comfort

  • Emergency CPR strap for quick deflation during emergencies

Invest in Your Well-being: Upgrade to our Alternating Pressure Mattress

  • Specifically recommended for up to Grade 4 ulcers

  • Say goodbye to painful pressure points and hello to enhanced comfort and improved recovery

  • Perfect for individuals with limited mobility or who are bedridden

  • Rest easy knowing that our mattress is designed to prevent sores caused by prolonged bed rest

  • Experience the benefits of enhanced comfort and improved well-being for yourself or your loved ones



  • Alleviates Bed Sores - Alleviates pressure points while helping ulcers
  • 16 Air Chambers: For alternating inflation and deflation to prevent bed sores
  • Ultra Quiet Pump: Provides restful sleep & hook to bed
  • Simple Touch Controls: Customize air flow, firmness, and positioning
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • 8-inch design ensures optimal ulcer relief
  • Waterproof Vinyl Cover: Breathable cover allows heat to dissipate for optimal comfort
  • Emergency CPR Strap quickly deflates mattress for patient resuscitation
  • Comfortable Pillow: The head end of the mattress remains static to prevent head movement


  • Intended for use by those confined to a bed for an extended period of time
  • Prevents sores that are caused by prolonged bed rest

Bed Sore Prevention Alternating Pressure Mattress - 8 inches

Providing Comfort, Support, and Healing

Alleviate Painful Pressure and Prevent Bedsores

  • Designed for individuals with limited mobility or those who are bedridden

  • Alternates inflation and deflation of cells to constantly change pressure points

  • Promotes circulation and reduces the risk of developing bedsores and ulcers

Customizable Pressure Settings for Personal Comfort

  • The mattress features 16 alternating air chambers

  • Continually redistributes weight to relieve pressure on specific areas

  • Variable pressure settings allow users to adjust air pressure for personalized comfort and support

  • Static or seated setting options available to cater to individual needs

Quiet, Restful Atmosphere for Optimal Healing

  • Includes an ultra-quiet compressor pump for easy setup

  • Ensures a peaceful environment for a restful sleep and healing experience

  • The digital compressor pump operates smoothly and silently, minimizing disruptions

Durable and Easy to Maintain

  • The mattress is covered with a removable, waterproof vinyl cover

  • Constructed with latex-free materials for enhanced durability

  • Easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring a hygienic sleeping surface


  • Size: 8" Twin XL mattress

  • Weight capacity: Supports up to 350 pounds

  • Engineered for even support and breathable comfort

    Operation Instructions

    • Position the mattress on the bed and secure to the bed using the straps
    • Connect the mattress feed pipes to the compressor (pump) connector using the flexible hose
    • Secure the compressor and plug into an outlet
    • Turn on the mattress and begin use. Make sure the mattress has been fully inflated before positioning the patient on top of it

    Care Instructions

    • For best results, wipe down with a damp cloth coated with a detergent product solution or disinfectant
    • Do not use corrosive cleaning products such as industrial degreasers or acetic solvents


    • Alternating Pressure Mattress
    • Digital Compressor Pump
    • Connecting Air Hose
    • Replacement Air Chamber
    • Patching Kit
    • One Year Guarantee on Pump
    • 60 Day Guarantee on Pad


    • Product Type: Pressure Mattress
    • Length: 80"
    • Width: 35"
    • Height: 8"
    • Pump: 10.25" x 3.5" x 4.75"
    • Warning: CA Prop 65 WARNING


    • Power cord attached directly to pump
    • Electrical Power Supply: 110-120 Volts

    Product Documents

    User Manual

    8" Alternating Pressure Mattress

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